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Pinnacle Wealth Management - Brian Smit, CEPA, NSSA®

6216 S Pinnacle Place
Suite 101
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

I am very proud to be a part of the Pinnacle Wealth Management family of financial professionals. I specialize in personal finance, retirement planning, business exit/transition planning and estate planning. One of my specific areas of focus is developing strategies to maximize Social Security benefits as an essential part of a successful retirement plan. I have experience owning and operating a family agricultural business for twelve years as well as direct sales and marketing with small business owners. Throughout my career I have focused on providing problem solving strategies, financial vision and implementation of innovative ideas.

I have a passion to fully understand each person or family's specific situation and diligently search for the best potential options to move towards their financial and life goals. I have firsthand knowledge of the unique needs of people trying to strike a balance between working toward financial success and maintaining strong family relationships. My highest professional priority is to help people recognize and solidify their goals, identify potential solutions and formulate a written or digital implementation plan. I strive to maximize each person or family's investment opportunities, while reducing their financial concerns and risk exposure.

Being a husband and father of two children, I know well the financial, emotional and time commitment involved in having a happy and healthy family. I enjoy spending time with my wife, and two sons. I am confident that with my expertise, I can make a significant contribution to your financial needs.

Specialties: Business Exit/Transition Planning Estate Planning Family Business Advising Financial Planning Insurance Retirement Planning Social Security Planning Tax Reduction Strategies Wealth Management