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Credentialing USA Inc.

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2329 North Career Ave
Suite 117
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

(605) 214-1401

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Founded 2014

The healthcare community is going digital (hospital, clinics, etc.) creating the need for individual healthcare providers to deliver digitized credentials to each healthcare facility in which they practice.

Credentialing USA, Inc. (CUSA) is a start-up South Dakota company offering secure digital credentialing services to individual healthcare providers at a reasonable cost. CUSA will provide services to bridge the digital gap between the healthcare community and the individual healthcare provider.

CUSA removes the hassles of locating, updating, and transferring the required credentialing to all the healthcare facilities in which you practice. CUSA staff will stay current on credentialing policies and procedures relieving you of that distraction. CUSA will also collect, manage and disseminate Continuing Education credits.

When the individual healthcare provider signs a contract and/or subscription with CUSA he/she will be assigned an individual server file for his/her credentials. The individual healthcare provider may file his/her data into the digital file by sending credentialing data to his/her file via website, faxing, or emailing form to CUSA. CUSA is also developing a smart phone application to use, the capability to take a photo of your credential and send it to the healthcare providers cloud file. The individual healthcare provider will have access to his/her credentialing data 24/7/365. Two passwords will be given to the individual healthcare provider, one for him/her self and a second for the entity in which he/she chooses to be credentialed. The individual healthcare provider will give this entity the website and the second password so they are able to access his/her credential information. For security purposes, the second password will have time limitation in which to retrieve the information. The second password resolves the problem of the individual healthcare provider finding, organizing, making copies, of the credentialing information being requested by the entity in which the healthcare provider chooses to be credentialed.

CUSA's private server provides: convenient digital storage for individual healthcare provider's credentials; security and back-up for the individual healthcare provider?s credentials whether it be a natural disaster or the item being misplaced; ease in moving and locating his/her credentials and easy access at all time to his/her credentials; and creates time when it comes to the credentialing process with the chosen entities.