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1453 44th Street, LL
Brooklyn, NY 11219

My Monitor Center is your one-stop shop foryour all vehicle tracking needsNever has it been so important to keep track of things. In today’s fast-moving world things happen fast, the sooner you know of a problem the better you can address it. My Monitor Center is your one-stop-shop for your various vehicle tracking needs.Whether you own a car or a fleet of many vehicles, our specialist GPS fleet consultants will help you choose the right type of vehicle tracking system that will provide an edge to your company. With our expert assistance, you can keep track of your company fleet vehicles and the drivers by using GPS tracking devices that can go in your car or any other vehicle every step of the way. My Monitor Center- The Most Reliable Name in the Industry of Vehicle Tracking.We empower you to keep a constant watch on your businesses, home, vehicles or anything else important to you. We offer GPS tracking (updated every 5 seconds) video surveillance, and two-way direct phone line communication anywhere in the world. View it all on your cell phone, tablet or computer anywhere you find yourself.Check your front porch to see if your package arrived, see where your child’s bus is, and notify a customer of the exact location of their delivery by installing our high-quality GPS vehicle tracking devices in your fleet vehicles. The benefits are a smooth-running business operation and you are much less stressed.