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Strategic Healthcare Marketing

Storytelling is fundamental to how we understand and approach healthcare. Stories give us a sense of when to seek care or help us understand the journey we may face following a serious diagnosis. Most importantly, hearing and telling stories is part of our healing process.

There is no better time to rethink how we use the power of stories to speak to our patients, our staff, and our communities.

We are writers, producers, directors, photographers, strategists, and editors who have all been on the front lines of healthcare. We’ve filmed the advanced surgical skills of specialists and the tender touches required to soothe a child’s pain.

We know healthcare. We know people. We know stories.


We've been using this medium to deliver on our brand messaging for about the past 12-18 months. It allows us to expand our video content and illustrate our tag line in action: "There's So Much to Do Here. Stay Healthy for It." We have developed three story cast videos so far and the fourth will launch later this month. Highly professional videography & editing combined with a thorough and thoughtful strategy to effectively choose and interview the right people results in an engaging video story told by the person interviewed, not by our organization. Each of our story cast videos to date has resulted in viral social opportunity at launch coupled with a pertinent & useful shelf life. Katie Johnson - VP, Marketing & Communications Lake Region Healthcare, Fergus Falls, MN

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