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Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. Celebrates 75 Years of Care

Dec 22, 2021 08:53AM ● By Med Magazine

Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. opened its doors on Jan. 1, 1982, the result of a merger between the Yankton Clinic and the Medical Clinic, two clinics opened by local doctors in 1946. But Yankton Medical Clinic’s roots in Yankton run much deeper than that. 

In 1946, Dr. C.B. McVay, a surgeon known for popularizing a hernia surgery technique, and F.J. Abts formed the Yankton Clinic to serve the Yankton area, and a year later, the duo brought on Drs. T.H. Sattler and Brooks Ranney. That same year, a new facility was planned, built and then occupied by those four physicians at 400 Park Street. In 1954, Dr. Willis Stanage, pediatrics, was brought on board, joined by Dr. R.F. Thompson, internal medicine, in 1955. 

Concurrently in 1946, R.F. Hubner and Dr. M.A. Auld organized the Medical Clinic, first located at 314 Walnut Street, later moving to 109 East 3rd Street. Dr. Clark Johnson joined the group in 1948, then Dr. Melford Lyso, general surgery, in 1952, and Dr. Duane B. Reaney, family medicine, in 1956. 

The group continued to add new physicians and had to again expand the facility in 1966. With this tremendous growth, a new structure became necessary, and in 1967 the Medical Clinic made its final move to 1104 West 8th Street, where it stands today. 

The Medical Clinic deemed that a merger with the Yankton Clinic would be the solution to be able to provide the Yankton area with a more comprehensive range of services, and so the Yankton Clinic and the Medical Clinic merged to become the Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. in 1982. Growth and expansion continued in 1989, when the Yankton Medical Clinic added its Vermillion location, the Vermillion Medical Clinic. 2019 was a monumental year, as both Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. - Ear Nose & Throat and a clinic location in Norfolk were acquired. In 2006, the clinic grew by 27,000 additional square feet, with the construction of two new operating suites for ambulatory surgery and a state-of-the-art infusion center, as well as to accommodate a growing staff of physicians and physician assistants. 

More recently, in just the last two years, a major remodel added more exam room and procedure space in the Ambulatory Surgery Center. The footprint of the clinic has expanded into the Norfolk, Nebraska, community with the addition of two internal medicine providers and outreach physicians. Soon, an imaging center at Fountain Point Imaging Center, a joint venture with Norfolk Medical Community, LLC, will open for business. 

Dr. Jay Hubner was an internal medicine provider at Yankton Medical Clinic from 1973 until his retirement in 2006. He explains why many providers are happy to spend much – if not all – of their careers at the clinic. “The clinic offers the stability of having good providers and it’s been an excellent multispecialty group – it’s rare to have a multispecialty group like this one that isn’t owned by a large corporation. The providers have a commitment to both teaching and good medical care. As the clinic keeps growing, it is able to keep recruiting young doctors who enjoy those things.” 

To provide patients with the best care possible, all very close to home, being a leader in care is always at the forefront of the clinic’s mission. The clinic leadership views any potential for change as an opportunity to provide more necessary services or acquire the latest equipment. In recent years, the clinic has upgraded its diagnostic imaging, to include a new MRI, has added state-of-the-art lab equipment, medical and surgical specialties and a private registered pharmacy that provides on-site prescriptions, truly making it a one-stop-shop for patients. 

Dr. John Sternquist practiced general surgery at Yankton Medical Clinic from 1980 until his 2009 retirement. “It’s a wonderful place to practice because there are quality people in all disciplines whom you can trust to be a referral source and source of referral,” he said. “I feel very fortunate to have worked in that environment,” he continued. “At Yankton Medical Clinic, it was all about taking care of people.” 

Becky McManus, CEO of the Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C., says, “We are proud to be an independent regional medical center that provides high quality, comprehensive, compassionate, patient- centered care to our community and region. Our physicians are some of the finest, and they are supported by medical staff members that share a passion to provide the highest quality medical care combined with a personal touch to every person seen.” 

The clinic’s long tradition and vision of education is one factor that has enabled it to successfully deliver quality care to the area for the past 75 years. Since its inception it has played a role in the education of hundreds of medical students from the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine. Fortunately, these former students have returned to the community to provide quality care and educate the next generation of physicians. 

Because of its physician-owned and operated status, the clinic is able to provide care in collaboration with other medical providers seamlessly, ensuring quality care for generations to come. “Our physicians are truly invested in their patients and employees,” McManus said. “Our working environment fosters a family-oriented atmosphere where employees can excel. Many of our nurses have taken advantage of professional development opportunities to serve our patients by obtaining advanced training in their specialty to enhance the care we provide to our patients. Many employees choose YMC for their work family because they believe in our mission, and the relationships they build while here are long-lasting.” 

Seventy-five years after its establishment, the vision of those early medical professionals is still carried out, as Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. continues its delivery of excellence in care. Today, as a multi-specialty clinic, Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. has 45 physicians covering 18 specialties; more than 280 employees; four clinic locations and 15 outreach locations in South Dakota and Nebraska. 

“The clinic is successful because of its mission--to serve the people of Yankton and the area—that they do very well,” said Dr. Hubner. “Almost all physicians at the clinic are board certified. The commitment to the patients is what makes the clinic successful.” 

McManus says Yankton Medical Clinic is in a unique position to offer the same great care it is known for well into the future. “As health care evolves, we will continue to stay on the leading edge of technology and innovation to meet ever-evolving needs.”