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Brookings Health Upgrades to Latest Robotic Surgical Technology

Oct 25, 2021 02:19PM ● By Med Magazine
Last week Brookings Health System’s operating room team performed the first robotic-assisted surgery using the newly acquired da Vinci Xi surgical system.

“The da Vinci Xi system is the most advanced robotic-assisted surgical platform currently
available,” said Director of Surgical Services Terri Stauffacher, RN. “It gives our surgeons improved access to the internal anatomy and organs inside a patient’s abdomen. This helps for many surgical procedures, including general surgery such as gall bladder removal and hernia repair and gynecology surgery like hysterectomy and fibroid removal. The additional clinical benefits and operating room efficiency results in improved patient outcomes.”

In addition, the upgraded system allows Brookings Health to perform more procedures
robotically, including:
 Acid reflux surgery to prevent future acid reflux
 Colon surgery to remove diseased portions of the colon
 Gastrointestinal surgery to remove part of the stomach or intestines
 Endometriosis surgery to remove patches of endometrial tissue growing outside
of the uterus

As with all da Vinci surgical systems, the surgeon remains 100% in control throughout
the surgical procedure. Key patient benefits of robotic-assisted da Vinci surgery include
decreased pain, a quicker recovery, and minimal scarring. Patients also have less risk of
infection, blood loss, and shorter hospital stays.

Brookings Health first invested in the da Vinci robotic platform in 2013, becoming the
third hospital in South Dakota to actively offer robotic surgical technology. The health
system further invested in robotic-assisted surgery in 2018 when it became the second
facility in South Dakota to offer Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery for orthopedic
procedures such as knee and hip replacement.

“Brookings Health System prides itself in being a leader for robotic technology
integration in rural healthcare,” said President and CEO Jason Merkley. “The patients we
serve in our region deserve close access to a world class surgical robotics program and
we are delivering on that promise with our investment in the da Vinci Xi system.”

Brookings Health System offers a wide array of outpatient, inpatient and emergency
surgical procedures in state-of-the-art surgical suites and procedure rooms. To learn
more about Brookings Health System’s full line of surgical services, please visit