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MercyOne Siouxland Wound Center Expands Care

Sep 14, 2021 10:46AM ● By Med Magazine

MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center is excited to unveil its newly-renovated wound center and additional hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center has the only advanced wound care center in the region, which provides specialized, state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of a variety of wounds.

“If people don’t come in when they have a serious wound, they can end up admitted in the hospital with sepsis.” said Kelly Kneifl, Program Manager for MercyOne Siouxland Wound Center. “It is critical to a person’s well-being and health to get the proper wound care.”

MercyOne Siouxland Wound Center is also the only area hospital to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the most serious wounds. It’s a medical treatment where a patient breathes 100 percent oxygen while in a pressurized chamber. Large doses are dissolved into blood or body tissues at these pressures.

“One of the most exciting improvements is the addition of a third hyperbaric oxygen chamber,” said Mike Garrett, ARNP, at MercyOne Siouxland Wound Center. “The chambers are critical to help salvage limbs from being amputated in the really difficult, non-healing wounds. We’re helping to save people’s legs or feet and we are really maximizing our potential with this third chamber.”

MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center’s updated wound center also included improvements to the waiting area and additional privacy for patients, changing areas and privacy doors.

“We are so excited for all of these improvements,” said Kneifl. “We’ve always been able to provide high-quality care for our patients, but this additional privacy is vital in that care.”

MercyOne physicians and wound care specialists have extensive wound treatment experience and our clinical outcomes are better than the national average. We’re committed to determining the most appropriate, effective and advanced treatment options to provide personalized care.