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Vermillion Medical Clinic Adds Physician Assistant

Sep 14, 2021 10:21AM ● By Med Magazine

Vermillion Medical Clinic is pleased to. announce the addition of Alex Lunneborg, a family  medicine physician assistant as a medical provider at the clinic. 

Lunneborg earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Radiologic Technology from Presentation College in  Aberdeen, South Dakota, in May 2017. After graduating and working in the X-ray field for a couple of years,  however, he found that spending his days solely in that department wasn’t completely fulfilling to him. “Working  in X-ray, you are with patients for such a short time and only involved in a small piece of diagnostics. I really wanted the rapport that’s established being a provider and involved in treatment of a patient long-term,” he says.  

And so, ready to face another challenge, he enrolled in the University of South Dakota Physician Assistant  Studies Program, earning his Master of Science degree in physician assistant studies in July 2021. 

In that program, PA candidates participate in 10 five-week clinical rotations at various health care facilities in an  array of areas such as family medicine, pediatrics and surgery. Lunneborg completed some of those rotations at  the Vermillion Medical Clinic as a student. 

His first day of providing care at Vermillion Medical Clinic will be Sept. 13, when he will hold some daytime hours as well as some Convenient Care hours. “I’m excited to start,” he says. “I hope to bring a fresh, energetic, passionate attitude to the clinic every day. I want my patients to feel comfortable and relaxed while under my care and to trust in my care. I hope to become more involved in the community through medicine.  

“Establishing relationships, building on those and bringing a positive, healthy outlook to Vermillion is something  I strive for,” Lunneborg continues.