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Sanford USD Medical Center Recognized as ‘Anticoagulation Center of Excellence’

Sep 08, 2021 08:53AM ● By Med Magazine

Sanford USD Medical Center has passed the Anticoagulation Forum’s assessment test and may now be considered an “Anticoagulation Center of Excellence.” This illustrates the health system’s strong commitment to providing the highest level of care to patients taking antithrombotic medications.

“We are very proud to have passed the Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence assessment,” said Mike Wilde, M.D., the vice president medical officer for Sanford Health in Sioux Falls. “Sanford is dedicated to actively participating in all aspects of our patients’ care. We know working together with our patients is the best way to improve health outcomes.”

The Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence program helps healthcare professionals provide the highest level of care and achieve the best possible outcomes for patients on antithrombotic medications. The program offers a roadmap to consistent, sustainable excellence in five key areas of patient care. Because it successfully met the rigorous standards in each patient care pillar, Sanford USD Medical Center may be considered an “Anticoagulation Center of Excellence” for 3 years.

“The assessment, which is designed by the leading experts in the field, confirmed our patients on blood thinners are getting the highest possible level of care,” said Michael Gulseth, Pharm. D., anticoagulation program director at Sanford USD Medical Center, who oversees the programs.

Until now, there has not been a comprehensive standard to define ideal practices for an anticoagulation service or a central place to find relevant resources for our practice. This assessment program will have a lasting and profound effect on anticoagulation care for many years to come and Sanford is proud to be considered an “Anticoagulation Center of Excellence.”