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When Working Harder Isn't Working

Jun 22, 2021 07:00AM ● By Med Magazine

 by Amini

We’re doing more with less.  We’re working smarter and harder.  

…and we are still struggling to get ahead, stay ahead and continuously improve.

 “These are common experiences for our clients”, says Carl Richardson, founder of Amini, a company new to South Dakota started with the purpose of helping healthcare organizations of all sizes address factors that are limiting their growth. "Healthcare has experienced great disruption. The most visible effect has been a significant reduction in operating dollars, resulting in teams being asked to do more with less. The effects are challenging.”

Richardson says stress levels are up among healthcare workers.  Some feel they are losing traction, forced to operate in reactive mode, and are unable to get in front of the many undesirable new realities. Organizations may be aggressively pursuing new ideas to get ahead of the situation but, in many cases, their efforts aren't working.  

"This is the big problem we focus on solving," says Richardson. "Most people and organizations seek improvement through new ideas. Very few take the time needed to identify and correct what's holding them back. Limiting factors tend to accumulate and entrench. Removing them can be difficult but can have huge return on investment. This is our specialty and we have been doing it successfully in Twin Cities healthcare for twenty-three years."

Richardson offers this example from a recent project:

A large multi-specialty clinic had been open for 3.5 years and was ending every year significantly in the red.  We deployed a team to work in operational roles that gave us great exposure to all influencing factors. We evaluated dashboard reports, metrics, workflows, team dynamics, patient experience and much more, from start to finish. We discovered the real problem-drivers were out of view, measurable data was not being captured on these drivers, and consequently, dashboard reports were not facilitating impactful decisions.  

Our team addressed every component of this problem all the way through to execution of reengineered processes.  For the first time, the client operational team met and exceeded their service level agreement.  The pre and post metrics from weeks of performance proved to leadership they could annually capture $2.2 million of revenue that they were simply missing out on. The VP of the facility stood up in a leadership meeting, shared what we had achieved, and stated that we were the best thing that had happened to them since the day they opened the doors.

"Factors that limit growth are prevalent and the nature of organizations and people is to tolerate them," says Richardson. "If you don't address these factors, your organization can slowly choke. But if you do address them, you can unleash growth. That's where we come in."

Initial assessments with Amini are free. Learn more at or by contacting Carl Richardson at [email protected]