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Jaxon’s Wish for a Shopping Spree is Coming True with Make-A-Wish South Dakota & Montana

Nov 20, 2020 11:05AM ● By MED Magazine

A South Dakota teen who wished for a shopping spree had his wish granted by Make-A-Wish South Dakota & Montana on Friday, November 20th.  His day will start off by getting picked up by a limo at 7:45 AM from Clubhouse Hotel & Suites.  The first stop of the day will be to Scheels at 8:00 AM.  Scheels is making special accommodations to host him and his family before they open up to the public.  They’ll have the whole store to themselves!  After that, he’s off to GameStop in the Empire Mall where they too have made special accommodations to host him before the store opens.  He’s planning on being there from 9:15 – 10:15 AM.  Then he’ll go to Menards on S. Shirley Ave from 10:30 – 11:30 AM.  After all of that shopping, he’ll need something to eat!  He and his family will enjoy a socially distanced lunch at Fuddruckers from 12:00 – 1:15 PM.  After lunch, he’ll make a quick stop at Walmart at 1:30 PM to do a special curbside pick-up between the 2 entrances right underneath the Walmart sign for some of the things on his wish list that he shopped online for.  There might be a Star Wars character there to help him out!  Then, he’ll gather all his stuff in the limo and head back to the hotel to end his day.  

Jaxon really enjoys building and fixing things.  He wants to explore his creativity with what he discovers while he games.  He likes the idea of being able to build what he sees from the games he plays with the tools he gets.  Along with that, he wants to be a household handyman with the ability to fix things around the house and the cars that his mom and friends drive. 

Jaxon defined his wish as, “This would give me an opportunity to go and get what I’ve always wanted!  I love playing video games and I like creating what I find in them with my hands.  The tools & the technology I could get would allow me to get creative with what I could build.” 

Make-A-Wish South Dakota & Montana President and CEO Sue Salter said Jaxon’s wish reveal is an example of the transformation wish experiences bring to all involved.  “We believe wishes improve the odds for wish kids fighting critical illnesses,” Salter said.  “Wishes help kids look past their limitations, families overcome anxiety and entire communities experience joy.  Most importantly, wishes can improve a child’s quality of life, giving them a better chance of recovering.”