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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals’ First Hope System Advances Complex Care

Sep 25, 2020 02:46PM ● By MED Magazine

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals is excited to announce the commercialization of their First Hope system, a medical device that provides patients with limited mobility the capability to communicate their needs and control their hospital room environment by harnessing their remaining abilities. Madonna has partnered with Curbell Medical, a leading medical device manufacturer with more than 60 years of healthcare experience, to translate the Madonna First Hope system into the sophisticated Assistive Control Adapter, or AC20, now available for distribution. 

“The First Hope system has served as a first beacon of hope for many individuals recovering from catastrophic injuries and illnesses at Madonna. I’m thrilled it will now be available for use by patients around the world. Offering those with limited movement capacity an intuitive, modern system to control their hospital room environment and communicate with nurses is essential for both independence and wellbeing as patients embark on their recovery journey,” said Dr. Judy Burnfield, director of the Madonna Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering. 

Madonna First Hope was created as a solution for patients with physical limitations who still had a need for autonomy. The First Hope system hones in on an individual’s abilities—a sip or puff of air, a wiggle of a toe or a muscle twitch, to name a few—and translates that into actionable electric signals that enable them to call a nurse, surf TV channels, turn off the lights and more. 

After testing First Hope with their own patients, Madonna sought the partnership of Curbell Medical to transcend the device beyond Madonna’s walls. Curbell translated the First Hope concept into the AC20, a medical-grade device with a modern, intuitive design and interface that meets full regulatory compliance including UL 1069. The AC20 is now available to rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, long term care settings and skilled nursing facilities across the globe. Learn more by visiting: