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LifeScape Says New Name Showcases the Scope of Their Orthotics/Prosthetics Company

Aug 26, 2020 07:00AM ● By Med Magazine

LifeScape has long been in the business of providing highly customized orthotic and prosthetic solutions for patients with special needs through its medical equipment arm, Rehabilitation Medical Supply. But some worried that the name did not fully reflect the scope of their services, which is why RMS is now Rise Custom Solutions. 

 "We offer a whole gamut of orthotic services for any part of your body, including a variety of bracing systems like body jackets, neck collars, ankle braces, dynamic knee braces, cranial remoulding helmets, and shoe inserts," says Kristin Tuttle, LifeScape's VP of Medical and Therapy Services. "In prosthetics, we do artificial limbs for people who have had amputations or congenital limb deficiencies. We also have the ability to fully customize a wheelchair."

Rise Custom Solutions uses state-of-the-art technology such as a cranial scanner and a 3D printer for braces and an expert team including orthotists, prosthetists, seating specialists, Assistive Technology Professionals, and equipment technicians. Virtually any aspect of any piece of equipment - from a shoe insert to a prosthetic limb to a wheelchair - can be customized, tweaked, and even taken for a spin. 

"We have lots of samples and demo products so people can trial things and find what is going to work best for them," says Tuttle. "Our entire goal is to help people come away with something that is going to allow them to be comfortable and independent, long term."

"I like to say we brace head to toe, birth to death," says Certified Prosthetist Orthotist Rachel Smith. Smith is one of the people who carefully evaluates new clients to devise custom solutions.

"The majority of what we do is highly customized, not only for a person's body but also for their life," says Smith. "We work closely with each patient to understand what is most important to them and what it is going to take to get them back to functional. That might be getting on and off of a tractor or it might just be being able to get up out of a chair."

Smith says her team's advanced training in biomechanics and their ability to apply the principles of prosthetics to orthotics and vice versa gives patients the best possible shot at a lasting solution.  Ultimately, she says the best solutions start with the best relationships. 

"The most important thing with orthotics and prosthetics is that you are working with someone you work well with so that you come out with something that really enhances your mobility," says Smith. "That custom piece can make all the difference." 

Rise Custom Solutions has locations in Sioux Falls and Rapid City with outreach clinics in Aberdeen, Brookings, Orange City and Sioux City.