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Essentia Health offers on-demand video visits

Jul 16, 2020 03:25PM ● By Med Magazine

Essentia Health is now offering 24/7 on-demand video visits. This new feature allows Essentia patients to start a video visit on demand for issues that they would normally see a provider at a walk-in clinic about, even outside of normal walk-in clinic hours.

Patients can access these visits via their MyHealth/MyChart account by selecting the “24/7 Visit On Demand” option. This service is available only to existing patients who have a MyHealth/MyChart account.

It is important to note, these visits should not be used for emergencies or life-threatening medical situations. However, some things like diagnosing strep throat, can be started via this on-demand video visit to shorten the time the patient spends at the walk-in clinic. Of course, there are instances where in-person care is necessary, such as lacerations or a bead stuck in a child’s nose. These on-demand visits will allow patients to gain access to primary care around the clock, with the opportunity for more discussion that is generally available with an eVisit.

Amy Ratajczak, PA, a walk-in provider offering these visits says, “COVID-19 has really changed the landscape of healthcare and we are continually adjusting to ensure we are providing the highest level of care for our patients, when and how they need it.” On-demand video visits allow Essentia Health to offer same day care without having to leave the comfort of your home. Ratajczak continues, “this is yet another way Essentia Health is working to make a health difference in the communities we serve.”

Learn more about Essentia Health and all the visit options available at our website,