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CHI St. Alexius Health Receives a LUCAS Machine for Life-Saving Technology to Confront Cardiac Threat from COVID-19

Jun 25, 2020 09:01AM ● By MED Magazine

In May, CHI St. Alexius Health received an additional LUCAS machine to aid the health care workers with life-saving support.

The grant funded the purchase of 11 LUCAS mechanical chest compression devices for CHI St. Alexius Health hospitals across North Dakota. The rise in cardiac complications caused by COVID-19 exposes both patients and healthcare workers to greater risk, as hands-on CPR can be needed for extended periods and personal protective equipment can become less effective in keeping the virus from spreading to medical providers.

“We are fortunate to have received the LUCAS mechanical CPR device during these uncertain times. This device allows the staff to continue providing other care while it performs continuous CPR. This tool can help provide life saving measures during cardiac arrest,” said Jami Murie, Emergency Department Director.

The Helmsley Charitable Trust is partnering with medical facilities in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska to ensure the devices are in place before the peak of COVID-19 hits. The devices will remain in place after the pandemic as part of the hospitals’ cardiac system of care.

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