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Modern Day Health Care is Reinventing the Clinic Visit

Nov 21, 2019 07:28AM ● By MED Magazine
Modern Day Health Care (MDHC) is a nurse owned and operated health care clinic, operating in South Dakota, Iowa, and Colorado, closing a gap in the urban and rural health care landscape.  They opened their doors to their virtual clinic without walls in April 2019.

MDHC is a primary health care provider that uses modern technology to bring the health care clinic to the patient’s home. The patient can establish a relationship with their health practitioner as their primary health care provider, schedule regular health care visits and/or follow up appointments.

MDHC is offering eVisit appointments, eliminating a drive to a clinic and the hassle of sitting in a waiting room. All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device with a web cam. The eVisit is scheduled by phone or email through a receptionist, and the health practitioner and the patient meet online. In select areas, MDHC also offers house call visits where a nurse will travel to the patient and conduct an in-person visit while the health care provider joins the visit online. The goal of this SD based business is to offer their services in every state of the union.

“Our unique concept allows us to bring health care back to the patient instead of requiring the patient to come to the clinic, especially for those in rural areas,” says Julie Beehler, one of the Nurse Practitioners working with MDHC. “I live and practice in Spencer, IA and for some patients in rural IA it can be a 45-minute drive to the next clinic. This is often too far for a sick person. A virtual visit eliminates that stress for patients.”

Patients can use their insurance just like at any other clinic. MDHC currently accepts most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid, as well as cash payments. “We are especially excited to also offer a health care solution for those who do not have health insurance. We offer an option called Direct Primary Care where for a set monthly fee, patients can schedule visits as needed with their healthcare provider with no additional fees for those appointments.” says Dr. Annie Donaway, owner and creator of MDHC.

Since the eVisits do not require a physical location for visits, MDHC health care professionals can
work from their preferred location and set their own schedule. “MDHCs practitioners are independent contractors. MDHC connects patients with health care providers and provides all of the office and practice management support including advertisement, billing, and nursing support services,” says Donaway. “With MDHC providing reception, scheduling, billing, and access to a comprehensive electronic medical record and eVisit system, our providers can focus on what they are best at and what they love the most, taking care of their patients”.

EVisits can be scheduled from anywhere in South Dakota, Iowa, and Colorado. “Currently our license is limited to those three states,” Donaway says. “This ensures that we can provide the best experience for our patients and our practitioners. We will add more states as we add more providers.”

If you are interested in learning more about Modern Day Health Care, or in contracting your services with MDHC please visit their website at You can also contact Dr. Annie Donaway by phone at (605) 305 3760 or by email at [email protected]

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