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MercyOne offers a minimally invasive, accessible detection of breast cancer for Siouxland patients

Aug 14, 2019 10:35AM ● By Alyssa McGinnis

By Marcy Peterson, MercyOne Siouxland

MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center and MercyOne Dakota Dunes Breast Care Center are the first in Siouxland to offer a MRI-directed minimally invasive biopsy procedure to help detect breast cancer at an earlier stage.

As higher resolution breast MRI images and advanced biopsy capabilities become more readily available, MRI-directed biopsy will have an even greater role in breast cancer detection and treatment. Breast MRI can identify cancers that cannot be found by mammography, ultrasound or physical examination.

The biopsy system provides physicians a fast, safe and simple way to perform minimally invasive breast biopsy procedures. The MRI biopsy device enables physicians to treat patients who are at risk for breast disease under MRI-guidance, while reducing procedure time, minimizing costs and improving patient comfort.