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SFSH Remodel Relieves Overnight Stay “Bottleneck”

May 21, 2019 09:15AM ● By MED Magazine

Not long ago, Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital faced a dilemma. The number of patients requiring an overnight stay after surgery was rising. But with only 22 patient rooms, the hospital was being forced to schedule these surgeries farther and farther out.

“When we remodeled our OR suites, we added three new rooms,” says Development & Marketing Director Jon Crow. “We also made some of them bigger, so we were able to accommodate more total joints and bigger cases that required overnight stays. The new ORs improved throughput but they also created a bottleneck for overnight stays.”

Their solution was to renovate the existing building, relocating 2nd floor administrative offices off site and converting the space into 11 more patient rooms. Chief Nursing Officer Kelly King says, while the new rooms are laid out just like those on the 3rd floor, the decor has a “modern flare”.

“We also labeled the rooms with suite numbers instead of room numbers because we wanted patients to feel more at home,” says King. “All of the medical equipment is behind cabinetry so it is not a constant reminder that you are in a medical facility. Hopefully, that contributed to healing, too.”

“When I first came, we used to joke that 25 patients a day was a busy day,” says Crow. “Now we are averaging 40 a day and growing. I think we have done a good job of meeting what the market needs.”

Patients seem to agree. Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital has a consistent 5-star HCAHPS rate for patient satisfaction.