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Children’s Physicians in Omaha Now Offers Virtual Lactation Support for Breastfeeding Moms

Mar 30, 2019 08:57PM ● By Alyssa McGinnis

Becoming a mom can be wonderful and joyful—but the experience also comes with a distinct set of challenges: interrupted sleep, shifting schedules and new expectations... sometimes related to breastfeeding. Children’s Physicians in Omaha is now offers moms the opportunity to get breastfeeding instruction and support in the comfort of their own home through a virtual visit with a certified lactation consultant. Any breastfeeding mom can call 402-955-MILK to schedule an in-person or virtual visit.

“Moms who are breastfeeding put so much pressure on themselves,” says Nicole Wallin, a certified lactation consultant with Children’s Physicians. “What they read on social media isn’t always accurate, and breastfeeding isn’t as ‘natural’ as it is often portrayed. Whether we counsel moms during in-person visits or virtual visits, it’s reassuring for them to have a solid resource for facts, guidance and support.”

Today’s moms—who FaceTime friends and use all kinds of apps—are comfortable talking with an expert via videoconferencing. Research also shows that mothers have more success and longer duration of breastfeeding when there is early lactation support. 

Children’s Physicians’ four certified lactation consultants serve patients in three office locations—Bellevue, Embassy Park and West Village Pointe—and now via Virtual Care.

“We understand how hard it is for moms to get out with newborns, especially when the weather is bad, so virtual visits just make sense,” says Megan Connelly, Vice President of Operations for Children’s Physicians. “All moms have to do to make an appointment is contact one of the three Children’s Physicians locations offering lactation consults, or contact a lactation consultant at 402-955-MILK.”