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Ideas for Upgrading a Luxury Home

Oct 24, 2018 06:00AM ● By MED Magazine

 By Tracie Storo

The winter months are soon approaching so time spent inside will be increasing.  Here are some potential upgrades to your home that may make your time inside more enjoyable.

  • Create your own spa-like space by improving your bathroom.  Convert your shower into a steam shower by adding a steam generator and seal off the shower to be fully enclosed.  Include some extra perks such as mood lighting, music and essential oils for the full spa experience. Exchange your mirror with a hidden TV mirror to enjoy your favorite shows while prepping for the day. While you’re at it, replace your flooring with a heated tile floor and add towel warming drawers for a complete transformation.
  • Have an extra room/office that needs a makeover?  Make your own personal library by finding some bookshelves or creating a wall of shelves to put your collection of books.  Add some comfy furniture and blankets for lounging and snuggling up with your next read. A fireplace with a stone surround could be a great addition to your new room.  Upgrade your space with a saltwater aquarium, collect tropical fish to add some color to your new-found space. For a little adventure you could add a hidden passageway to another room or hidden space.
  • Enjoy entertaining friends and family?  Create your own family entertainment center by putting in your own theater room.  All you need is a projector, sound system, seating, Blueray player and darkness. I suppose you would need a collection of movies as well.  This space would provide hours of entertainment for people of all ages. Movies not your thing? You could also get a gaming system and spend just as much time playing video games.  
  • Like more action with your company?  A bowling alley would surely be striking in your family room.  A little more space would be required here since the length of the lane is just shy of 63 feet.  You might also get some overhead screens to keep score for the competitive types. You can also dress up your alley with colorful bowling balls and black lights to make it glow for a little younger feel.  
  • For the really active type, consider adding a rock-climbing wall to your home. Paths can be created for the beginners all the way up to the avid climbers.  These walls can be put up right over your existing wall and even your ceiling to make it more difficult. Be sure to hire a professional when installing your climbing wall, you want all your structural needs to be met while constructing your new hobby.     

There are many ways to upgrade your home. Hopefully some of these unique ideas piqued your interest and you are one step closer to setting your home apart from the rest. Remember to always consult an expert before tackling any upgrades.  

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Tracie Storo is a Broker Associate with RE/MAX Professionals Inc in Sioux Falls, SD.

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