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Mercy Transforming the Health of Our Community

Jul 04, 2018 01:25PM ● By Alyssa McGinnis

For the past few years, Mercy Medical Center-Sioux City has been taking an active role in an effort to reduce obesity and the resulting health problems in our community.

Collaborating with the Sioux City Community School District, Siouxland District Health, the American Heart Association and others, Mercy has helped identify and remove barriers to help Siouxlanders be more active and to better nutrition.

One of the ways Mercy helped school kids get more out of recess was to replace old useless sports equipment in some of the area schools.  New jump ropes and balls, water bottles and games were purchased and donated to schools who had old, deflated and dilapidated equipment. Unfortunately, many schools do not have funds in their budgets to provide their students with recess equipment to encourage activity.

In Riverside, Mercy helped with the installation of a community garden right beside the school.  The school children have been able to grow vegetables, which promotes exercise (gardening is exercise!), healthier eating habits and a hands-on learning experience.

At Irving School, the soccer field was constantly flooded, making it impossible to use most of the time.  Mercy-Sioux City helped fund drainage improvements so the children could play soccer on the field.

We're so thankful to our Mission Services team for the work they do to continue the legacy of our founders, the Sisters of Mercy!