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The Question: What Do Marketing Experts Want YOU to Know?

Mar 29, 2018 06:00AM ● By Alyssa McGinnis

If you are a busy clinician, we are betting that you rarely have a chance to sit down with someone in your marketing department and discuss best practices regarding PR and communication in the digital age. So MED did it for you! Here are what some of the area’s top marketing experts want you to know.

Great storytelling is attention-grabbing and inspires action. Patient stories, in particular, have the potential to influence how people approach healthcare. Share your success stories with your marketing department and make time for media interviews. These steps will position you as a thought leader in your industry and could encourage someone to seek care when they need it most. - Sigrid Wald, Avera St. Mary’s Hospital

Social listening is critical to be aware of what is being said about you or your clinic, as well as responding to posts and reviews in a timely manner.  Reaching out to take a negative conversation offline will demonstrate that you are hearing what is being said and offering to listen, in private, to not fuel the online flames. - Cheryl Havermann, Yankton Medical Clinic

With 93% of healthcare decisions made based on word of mouth, reputation management is key. Investing in a reputation management software was worth it to us. Also, engaging with happy and longtime patients encouraging them to leave reviews, which can help to flood out any negative reviews. Positive reviews also help with search engine optimization.  - Madison Zimmerman-Dusek, Rapid City Medical Center


Marketing is moving in a digital direction. Physicians who have room for new patients should have a profile video and a head shot that’s within the last few years on their website. More patients are choosing a physician online, and this will help people understand what makes you unique. - Lindsey Meyers, Avera Health

When some physicians hear ‘marketing’ they think ‘advertising’. However marketing is a process. As a marketer, I endeavor to understand our prospective and current patients and support them with access to resources and suggested steps in their health and wellness journey. Marketers and physicians can be efficient partners in accomplishing these patient centric goals and improving our community’s health. - Jennifer Bender, Prairie Lakes Healthcare System

 “Marketing professionals want to have comprehensive understanding of a provider’s practice and to work together as collaborative partners. I believe that builds a trusting relationship that allows for fluid conversation and streamlined execution of marketing campaigns and tactics. As a marketing professional it is crucial to have genuine interest in a provider’s work. This allows you to fully understand the practice, and communicate effectively to your target audience.” - Sarah Fuller, Regional Health