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What's Your Resolution?

Jan 03, 2018 12:18PM ● By The Hood Magazine

We asked some friends of MED to share a resolution or goal for 2018. Here is what they had to say.


 "My goal is to find my dream house in Sioux Falls this year. Beyond that, I just hope be able to stay healthy and active." - Kate Sigford, MD, Medical Director for Rehabilitation Services, LifeScape

"I want to focus more on my two college girls this year and, hopefully, visit them 
 more!  Professionally, my goal is to establish a clinic for pregnant women with heart disease." - Maria Stys, MD, Sanford Cardiologist

 "I would like to see our contrast reduction algorithm for coronary intervention published in more places. We came up with an algorithm that allows us to use up to ten times less than others around the world. I would like to make it more widely known." - Adam Stys, MD, Sanford Cardiologist

"I tell every patient to take care of themselves in terms of diet and exercise. So this year I 

 promised my wife to take better care of myself!" - Tom Stys, MD, Sanford Cardiologist

"My resolution is to put the phone down! I am looking for increased blocks of time to disconnect 

 and focus on the amazing people around me that uplift and make me a better friend, husband, father and leader. - Thomas Worsley, Interim President, Regional Health Spearfish Hospital

"I have resolved to streamline my processes this year so that I can get away from my computer

  and take a walk outside every single day!" - Alex Strauss, Editor-in-Chief, MED Magazine


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