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Beef’s Role in Weight Management and Cardiovascular Health

Jan 03, 2018 12:00PM ● By The Hood Magazine


By: Holly Swee

New research continues to reinforce the evolving body of evidence that demonstrates beef’s role in weight loss, weight management and cardiovascular health. 
The new Beef WISE (Weight Improvement, Satisfaction, and Energy) study was conducted at the University of Colorado with a research grant from the Beef Checkoff and published in Obesity Science & Practice. 

In recent years, higher protein diets have gained popularity and some experts suggest leaning away from red meat as a protein source.  The Beef WISE researchers compared different high-quality protein sources to understand their effectiveness in a weight loss or maintenance diet. 

The study revealed that lean beef doesn’t have to be restricted in a higher-protein diet and is just as effective as other protein choices in supporting healthy weight loss, weight management, and heart health. 

Holly Swee, RN, LN, is Director of Nutrition & Consumer Information at the South Dakota Beef Industry Council.

Access the full WISE study here.