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Coots Will Lead Sanford's Study of Stem Cells for Wound Healing

Jan 03, 2018 09:29AM ● By The Hood Magazine

Sioux Falls plastic surgeon Bradley Coot, MD, is the principal investigator on Sanford’s second trial of adipose-derived stem cells - this one to address non-healing leg ulcers. Dr. Coots was a sub-investigator on the first stem cell trial for rotator cuff injuries.

“We will be focusing on venous stasis ulcers,” says Dr. Coots. “For people with poor circulation in their legs, the blood pools in the legs and their legs swell up. They can develop wounds that are very hard to heel.”

But Coots says such wounds typically heal when conditions improve. Wraps and compression often help, but healing can still take many months. If stem cells can cut healing time, they could be life-changing for patients and money-saving for the entire healthcare system.

“Wounds are a huge burden on our healthcare system, in the billions of dollars,” says Dr. Coots. “If we can speed up the healing process, it is going to save money, improve lives, and get more of these patients back into society.”

An estimated 6.5 million patients in the US are dealing with non-healing wounds - those that have been present for at least three months. Sanford’s Phase 1 trial, which opened in September, will accept 36 adult participants with wounds of 1 to 9 inches who have an A1C less than nine. Up to 200 cc of fluid with be liposuctioned from the patient’s abdomen, processed to isolate stem cells, suspended in saline, and applied topically as well as injected into the wound.