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Sanford’s New Imagenetics Building Offers Space for Education, Clinical Care, and Research

Oct 30, 2017 08:35AM ● By The Hood Magazine

Sanford Health opened the doors on the new Imagenetics building on the Sanford USD medicine Center Campus in Sioux Falls in October. Construction of the 103,000 square foot building began in October, 2015. The building houses clinical, research, and education spaces dedicated to integrating genetic medicine into everyday primary care. As Director for Clinical Services and Education, Sanford clinical geneticist Catherine Hajek, MD, helped to bring the new space to fruition. MED recently spoke to her about the building and the next stage of Imagenetics.


MED: Beyond a striking new building, what is Imagenetics?

CH: Imagenetics is the marriage of internal medicine and genetics. Primary care physicians are at the front line of caring for patients. They are the first ones to address it if a patient has a genetic concern. Sanford decided to pursue this initiative when it became clear that genetics will continue to play a larger role in healthcare.


MED: How will the new building support the goals of Imagenetics?

CH: All of the internal medicine physicians from Medical Building 2 will be in the new building along with clinical geneticists and genetic counselors. Having these specialists and physicians co-located increases access to genetic medicine. We also have our molecular genetics and cytogenetics labs right on site. A close relationship between the laboratory geneticists and the genetic counselors is key to getting patients the appropriate test and getting a good, accurate interpretation of results.


MED: Education is another major component of Imagenetics. How will the new space facilitate that?

CH: The space between the two sides of the building is entirely dedicated to public education. We have two kiosks with a ton of interactive information. These interact with the light sculpture, which offers a unique way to engage people. We also have a social stairway with a drop-down screen for a community lecture series. We also have classroom space for our clinical staff and others. There are a lot of people who haven’t been exposed to genetics in their training, so some of this is very new.

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