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Local Physician Inventor Collaborates with Boston Scientific to Develop New Catheter System

Jun 26, 2017 10:35AM ● By The Hood Magazine

Patrick Kelly, MD, with Sanford Vascular Innovations, a division of Sanford Health, will collaborate with Boston Scientific to develop a less invasive catheter system that could transform treatment pulmonary embolisms.

Pulmonary embolisms are most common after surgery, trauma, or periods of prolonged immobility. They also are common in pregnant women and older patients. Large or multiple clots can be fatal.

Sanford Health and Boston Scientific are working to develop and optimize the design of the newly-invented catheter. The process of bringing a device like this to market can take many years – from engineering and design to clinical trials and finally FDA approval.  It is a process that Dr. Kelly has gone through many times before with other inventions.

Boston Scientific regularly partners with physicians and healthcare systems to develop technologies that could improve care or reduce costs.

“Engaging in collaborative partnerships with physicians like Dr. Kelly allows Boston Scientific to accelerate the pace of innovation in solving unmet clinical needs,” says Jeff Mirviss, president of peripheral interventions at Boston Scientific.