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Regional Health Home+ Expands a One-stop Resource for Convenient Home Care

May 24, 2017 01:55PM ● By The Hood Magazine

Regional Health is expanding a new, one-stop resource for coordinated home care services to all of western South Dakota and adjacent areas. Regional Health Home+ offers skilled nursing; physical, occupational and speech therapy; personal care; hospice; infusion therapy; medical equipment; and pharmacy services.

“Instead of making up to a dozen calls to arrange home care, consumers make one call to 605-755-HOME,” said Home+ President Michael Tilles. “It’s the only comprehensive and coordinated service of its kind in the region.”

Regional Health previously offered most of these services individually. Home+ responds to the community’s needs.

“Our research showed that patients value simplicity and easy access for care at home,” Tilles said. “With Home+, home-care products and services are under one roof to make it more convenient for patients and their families.”

The heart of Home+ is its new hub, where staff members take calls from patients, family members and community health care providers who make referrals.

“We have experienced staff who listen to what’s needed and then make it happen,” said Home+ Clinic Innovation Director Brandi Tackett, Pharm.D.

“We make the calls, checking with insurers, arranging equipment deliveries, scheduling home appointments, coordinating with physicians, and finding answers to patients' questions,” Tackett said. “It’s seamless for our customers.”