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Technology for Infection Control and Prevention

Feb 22, 2017 06:30PM ● By MED Magazine
By Jerry Weiler

With microbial resistance on the rise nationwide, it’s more important than ever to control the spread of infectious diseases in the healthcare setting.  In hospitals and clinics, this is a never-ending battle because of the prevalence of bacteria. Medical facilities are necessarily held to a high standard and are subject to a range of regulations.
In response to this increasingly microbe-aware environment, new technologies have been developed with the express aim of not only preventing the spread of diseases by helping facilities understand how they spread.
The ability to track staff, patients and equipment in real time as they move from room to room and throughout the hospital is a central part of these new technologies, known as Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS).
RTLS technologies like Versus Technology also work together with the current alerting or Nurse Call systems to help prevent possible mistakes or oversights when working in a fast-paced healthcare environment.
Here’s an example: Imagine that you are making your rounds. As you move from room to room, wouldn’t it be helpful if the soap or sanitizer dispenser knew what was required for that room and automatically dispensed it? What if it could record the fact that you soaped in? Or could even send an alert to your phone or pager if you inadvertently failed to do so?
Let’s take it a step further. What if it recorded everyone and everything that moves in or out of that room, including equipment? You could identify everyone and everything that has possibly been exposed to an infectious agent. This technology exists and is already in use.
RTLS technology is not only used for infection control, but can also be used to
●       increase efficiency
●       protect patients and staff
●       locate equipment quickly in an emergency
●       increase compliance
●       make reporting easier
●       provide many other cost-saving benefits
A system integrator can bring together these technologies and help hospitals and clinics create a workflow ecosystem that will provide a smarter, safer, and more secure way to track and control the spread of microbes.
Examples of Available Technologies;
Jeron Nurse Call - Communications, Workflow, Rounding and Patient Safety
Versus RTLS – Patient Flow, Safety, Situational Awareness, Infection Control, Analytics
Accutech – Wander Management, Infant Protection, Pediatric Elopement, Electronic Access Control

Jerry Weiler is the VIce President for Business Development at DTB Systems, Inc.