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Heart Health and Lean Beef

Dec 28, 2016 11:45AM ● By MED Magazine
By Holly Swee

A recent study titled “Let Them Eat Beef: Effects of Beef Consumption on Markers of Metabolic Syndrome”conducted at South Dakota State University reveals lean beef can be part of the solution for heart health and weight management. 

The study published in the Functional Foods in Health and Disease Journal assessed the effectiveness of a dietary pattern with 30 percent of daily energy needs from protein with one half of the protein being lean beef on risk factors of Metabolic Syndrome.

The study tested the lean beef dietary pattern intervention against the control “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension” (DASH) dietary pattern.  The research revealed that participants with Metabolic Syndrome who followed the beef intervention dietary pattern displayed similar outcomes on serum lipid concentrations and body weight as the research participants who followed the DASH dietary pattern.

Holly Swee, RD, LN, is Director of Nutrition & Consumer Information with the South Dakota Beef Industry Council