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New Cloud-Based Purchasing Solution Makes it Easier to Manage Your Office Spending

Oct 29, 2016 02:16PM ● By MED Magazine
Every medical practice, no matter how large or small, needs to manage its spending. A computer or tablet may need to be replaced, new stationary ordered, or advertising created. There will also be the need to update medical equipment.

For each expenditure, there must also be a way to organize and track it, including who requested the upgrade, who placed the order, and who signed off on it. Having the ability to quickly see any anomalies in spending is also important to prevent fraud or theft.

Unfortunately, although it’s essential, this need for tracking can also create a cumbersome paper trail and can slow the whole buying process down, right when time may be of the essence.
Some organizations use the Purchase Order Module to keep track of spending but the system’s reliance on stock and “product codes” can be frustrating. Others make do with spreadsheets, Word documents or plain old paper with a physical signature. Regardless of what model is used, the office not only needs a way to track the original order, but to manage and record it, and easily reorder later, if needed.

Fortunately, there is now a new breed of purchasing solution available designed to make the whole process easier, faster, and more efficient. One example is the new Zahara Purchase Order & Requisition System, an online tool to quickly and simply create purchase orders, track them, organize them, and reorder without the hassle. Zahara integrates seamlessly with FileDirector, a document management and workflow system, marketed locally by Sioux Falls-based Active Data Solutions.

“This product is incredibly robust and, with a cloud version, is extremely competitive,” says Ritch Noble, CEO of Active Data Systems. “ADS FileDirector Document Management System with our Sahara PRS cloud module is an exciting opportunity and a much-needed solution.”

With the Zahara system, there is nothing to install, so an office can be up and running in minutes. After an account is created, the organization can add as many users as needed, assigning roles like “buyers” or “finance managers”. The site even lets users create departments such as “Marketing”, “Operations”, and “Finance” and provides all the expected cost codes. Anyone with the login information and permission can use the system to quickly generate a purchase order. Zahara’s elegant design and simple user interface means there is no need for extensive training, keeping staff happier and the wheels turning smoothly.

“One thing we really like about Zahara is its customizable approval process for purchases,” explains Noble. “That means you can easily approve or reject a new purchase request right from your cell phone or tablet. You can even go into the system and explain why you are accepting or rejecting a particular request.”

Zahara integrates with existing accounting systems using open standard, making it easier to add suppliers and invoices. The system even features a spending analysis tool which provides a quick snapshot of who is spending what in the organizations and how much money could be saved by shaving even 1 or 2 percent off the bottom line.

For a demonstration and more information on how Zahara may be able to simplify your life and business, contact Ritch Noble at Active Data Systems at 605-335-5906 or by email at [email protected].

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