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Avera Heart Hospital Now Offering Cardiac MRI

Jun 21, 2016 09:15AM ● By MED Magazine

North Central Heart, a Division of Avera Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, is proud to announce the area’s first fellowship-trained cardiologist for cardiac MRI.


Elden Rand, MD, a cardiologist at North Central Heart, received his fellowship training at Duke University, and has seen early success in detecting abnormalities through cardiac MRI.


The closest health care system with cardiac MRI capabilities was previously Omaha, Neb.


This non-invasive test can take still and moving images of the heart and major blood vessels, providing views of the beating heart for more precise analysis of structure and function. The imaging technology offers a higher resolution than a PET scan for the presence of scarring in the heart and also provides different sectioned views of the heart similar to a loaf of sliced bread with the added benefit of not using radiation or dyes containing iodine.


“I have the ability to provide powerful clinical data with MRI,” Rand said. “The MRI’s resolution is unmatched, providing physicians with information about the patient’s heart structure and function that other modalities can’t provide, and that can lead to earlier diagnosis and fewer risks during surgery.”


The use of cardiac MRI continues to expand but is commonly used to diagnose a number of conditions, including:

• Coronary heart disease

• Damage caused by a heart attack

• Heart failure

• Heart valve problems

• Pericarditis

• Cardiac tumors

• Congenital heart defects


To perform a cardiac MRI, Rand must be present to create an individual protocol of the necessary images for each patient. He also received extensive training in reading the images to detect and analyze abnormalities.


A contrast agent called gadolinium also is sometimes injected during the MRI for clearer views. Each abnormality has a different pattern such as scarring from a heart attack versus from sarcoid.


 “Dr. Rand’s fellowship is an outstanding addition to Avera Heart Hospital and an example of how our specialists continue to add services and expertise to this already great facility,” said Jon Soderholm, President and CEO of Avera Heart Hospital. “The potential for this technology is astounding as the imaging continues to improve and become more efficient.”



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