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Med School Applications Surge

May 27, 2016 09:15AM ● By MED Magazine

Applications for enrollment into the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine have reached 859, a ten-year high.  This represents an 89% increase in application numbers since 2013. 


While out-of-state applications typically outnumber instate applications, the medical school emphasizes admission to South Dakotans, and 93% of the students currently enrolled in the institution are from South Dakota.


In 2015 the medical school formally adopted an expanded class size, and admissions were increased to 69 plus the option of accepting two students from the “Indians Into Medicine” program based in North Dakota. That number -69- includes the possible admission of two students in each class who combine an MD degree with a PhD degree.  In 2011 the medical school admitted 54 students. It is expected that 71 students will be starting the program in July, 2016.


South Dakota’s only medical school has attracted national attention for its programs that connect physicians to rural practice, and its community-based faculty is considered a highly effective approach to educating physicians.