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Sioux Falls Physician Incorporates Cutting Edge Stem Cell Therapy to Improve Results, Speed Healing

Mar 29, 2016 09:35AM ● By MED Magazine

Orthopedic Institute surgeon, Dr. Walter O. Carlson, MD MBA, recently performed his 100th

 spinal surgery using new advances in stem cell therapy for improved results and accelerated recovery.


As one of the region’s most experienced surgeons specializing in spinal surgery and pediatric orthopedics, Dr. Carlson has spent more than 30 years at the forefront of orthopedic surgery in Sioux Falls. With the implementation of new stem cell technologies in surgery, Dr. Carlson again finds himself operating on medicine’s new frontier – a frontier many patients are unaware they have access to right in Sioux Falls.

Advances in adult stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, allow surgeons like Dr. Carlson to utilize less-invasive procedures in conjunction with surgery, to reduce pain and surgical time, while accelerating recovery. Traditional spinal fusions require a painful process of taking bone from the hip and grafting it into the fusion site to encourage bone growth. New procedures allow bone-growing stem cells to be extracted from bone marrow by a large needle without the need for an incision and then re-injected around the site of the fusion to promote bone growth.


“Regenerative medicine might be the biggest advance in healthcare I’ve seen in my thirty

  years as a physician,” said Dr. Carlson. “Using stem cells from a patient’s own body, without the need for a secondary surgical procedure, increases the level of success in spinal surgeries by significant margin and because their body immediately accepts those cells, recovery starts instantly and is completed much sooner than traditional methods allow, all with zero risk to the patient.”


To date, most stem cell therapy treatments in Sioux Falls have been used in combination with back surgeries, but new advances are opening doors for use in the treatment of hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists and even cosmetic procedures.


Dr. Carlson offered these thoughts in closing, “I think people hear about stem cell therapy in the media and think of it as some kind of fringe medicine. They don’t realize we’re using it right here in Sioux Falls to great effect. This is the future of medicine and the possibilities are really exciting.”