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Akron Mercy Physician Approved for a $15,000 Award

Aug 21, 2015 03:25PM ● By MED Magazine

By the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute


David Wolff, MD of the Akron Mercy Medical Clinic in Akron, Iowa has been approved for a $15,000 award by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to support a project on Primary Care Integrated Treatment Services in rural Iowa.


Dr. Wolff will use the funds provided through PCORI's Pipeline to Proposal Awards program to build a partnership of individuals and groups who share a desire to advance patient-centered outcomes research focused on Primary Care Integrated Treatment Services in rural Iowa.  In his proposal, Dr. Wolff stated "Primary care is designed to address most healthcare needs, yet it does not adequately address substance dependence." 


This project will focus on improving services and outcomes for patients who are addicted to 

 alcohol and/or drugs and engage the rural Iowa population with providers, counselors, treatment centers, recovery groups and the legal system to create meaningful relationships with patients and their families.  This collaboration would then devise patient-centered solutions aimed at conducting research that would lead to improvements in healthcare integration and health outcomes.


"The Pipeline to Proposal Awards program is a manifestation of PCORI's commitment to the meaningful involvement of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other stakeholders in all our research endeavors," said Jean Slutsky, PA, MSPH, PCORI's Chief Engagement and Dissemination Officer.  "It provides support to those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to contribute to the field of comparative effectiveness research.  We're pleased to follow Dr. Wolff's progress as he develops partnerships and begins to form research questions."



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