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Sanford launches pharmacogenetics service

Jun 24, 2015 08:33PM ● By MED Magazine

Sanford Health has announced the first enterprise-wide availability of real-time drug dosing and order modification alerts tailored to a patient’s genetic profile within a commercial EHR system.


To provide these services, Sanford’s clinical molecular genetics laboratory analyzes a custom panel of genes involved in drug metabolism.  The Syapse Precision Medicine Platform delivers clinically actionable drug metabolizer status information to the EHR, where real-time alerts suggest dosage changes or alternative drugs, as appropriate.


“Pharmacogenetic data are most useful when actionable decision support is provided in the EHR right when a clinician orders a drug,” says Gene Hoyme, MD, Sanford’s chief of genetic and genomic medicine.


Sanford’s integrated health plan will pay for the service, subject to deductibles and copays, which combines genetic testing and EHR-based therapeutic decision support to help clinicians safely prescribe and dose common drugs, including statins, blood thinners, anti-cancer drugs and painkillers. Pharmacogenetic testing is available for all Sanford patients and can be ordered by any Sanford physician, including primary care providers.


“We couldn’t even think of rolling out pharmacogenetic testing at this scale without automation and integration,” said Megan Landsverk, Ph.D., director of Sanford’s clinical molecular genetics laboratory. “Running the test is straightforward, but mapping the genetic data to metabolizer status and providing decision support at the point of care is a highly complex process. It can take hours to do manually for a single patient, but we can now do it in seconds.”


Sanford Imagenetics is a first-of-its-kind program that integrates genetic testing and counseling into adult primary care with patient-specific information.  

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