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Sanford ENT specialists utilize high-resolution view for diagnosis

Mar 02, 2015 04:55PM ● By MED Magazine

Ear, nose and throat specialists at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls are the first in the nation to use the ENT-7000 Video Laryngoscope from Vision Sciences.  The device allows pediatric physicians to easily gain an improved view with maximized patient comfort during diagnostic procedures.

“When we’re working with children, especially in areas like the throat, ears or nose, it can be very difficult to see in those tight spaces,” said Patrick Munson, MD, Sanford pediatric ear, nose and throat specialist. “For example, this gives me a chance to examine a child’s throat to find the source of an issue without surgery and without additional discomfort from a larger or more rigid scope.”

The ENT-7000 video flexible laryngoscopy is just 2.4 millimeters in size, currently the smallest on the market, to ensure the patient is comfortable during the examination. On the other end, the video output is high-resolution imaging to give physicians a vivid view.

During a laryngoscopy, the flexible scope is inserted through a nostril or the mouth, allowing the doctor to examine the throat area using the display.  Laryngoscopes are used to diagnose and treat a series of head and neck disorders including acid reflux, swallowing conditions, sinusitis, hoarseness, chronic cough, sleep apnea and head and neck cancer.

Vision Sciences unveiled the ENT-7000 in late September 2014.