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The Crisis in Medicine

Nov 25, 2014 02:57PM ● By MED Magazine

The “secret life of a medical professional” - missed family gatherings, soccer games, dinners, 

 disappointments, complete frustration with bureaucracy, low self-worth and utter exhaustion. A recent survey in Medical Economics reported that more than one third of physicians who responded said if they could go back in time, they would choose a different specialty or a different career altogether.

It is estimated that there will be 90,000 too few physicians by the year 2020.  Three hundred doctors commit suicide every year and the suicide rate for women physicians is four times that of other women professionals.

“Every day, doctors and other health professionals struggle with the constraints and demands of our healthcare system,” reveals Dr. Starla Fitch, MD, award-winning surgeon, speaker, certified life coach, creator of hugely popular and author of Remedy For Burnout: 7 Prescriptions Doctors Use To Find Meaning In Medicine.

Dr. Fitch shares wisdom that can benefit all health care workers, from the nurses and technicians to the nurse practitioners and anesthetists.  It will also help doctors-in-training push forward through the rigors of medical training with a strong purpose of why they chose this meaningful path.  It also pulls back the curtain to let frustrated, weary patients see that doctors are human, too and can help them in their interactions/communications with their providers.

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