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Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Review for Boards and Recertification

Electrophysiology Review for Boards and Recertification

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will provide the cardiologist and electrophysiologist with an overview of all aspects of cardiovascular electrophysiology. Experts in each field will give in-depth didactics on all pertinent aspects of arrhythmia and device management. Each lecture will include questions and answers with an electronic response system. Although this course is designed specifically to prepare the heart rhythm specialist for the electrophysiology boards or recertification, it also aims to provide the clinician with an update on current best practices and advances in arrhythmia management. The full spectrum of electrophysiology will be reviewed: ranging from basic arrhythmia mechanisms and pharmacology, to catheter diagnosis and therapy, and device-based treatments. There are also dedicated cardiac anatomy sessions and careful review of the key maneuvers for arrhythmia diagnosis in the EP lab. COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to: •Apply 3-D mapping techniques to distinguish between reentrant vs. focal mechanisms of VT •Develop evidence-based approaches for atrial fibrillation ablation •Identify the EP characteristics of cardiac impulse propagation, including anisotropy, cable theory, and spiral/scroll conduction •Select and appropriately utilize maneuvers to differentiate AVNRT from JT and ORT in the EP lab •Recognize the indications for ILR, tilt-testing, and ambulatory monitoring in patients with syncope •Distinguish the clinical principles and theory of defibrillation and cardic resynchronization •Describe the molecular basis of the action potential of the human heart •Recognize the pharmacokinetic properties of antiarrhythmic drugs, including use dependence •Recognize and describe the basic mechanisms of common LQTS, Brugada, short-QT, and J-wave syndromes •Formulate management approaches to the arrhythmia syndromes in congenital heart disease, sarcoid, and ARVD Speakers: Michael Ackerman, Samuel Asirvatham, David Bradley, Yong-Mei Cha, Raul Espinosa, Suraj Kapa, Nirusha Lachman, Hon-Chi Lee, Malini Madhavan, Christopher McLeod, John Miller, Siva Mulpuru, Thomas Munger, Peter Noseworthy, Douglas Packer, Shen Win-Kuang, Komandoor Srivathsan, William Stevenson, Charles Swerdlow, K.L. Venkatachalam, Phillip Young

Date & Time

Weekly on Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday

Aug 12, 2016 through Aug 15, 2016

7:00AM - 2:00PM

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MD, PhD, DO, PharmD: $1195, Fellow, Resident, RN, NP, PA, Sonographer: $850

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