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Smartphone Ergonomics: Here's how to protect your neck, back, and hands

With more people now owning a smartphone, along with increased use of the devices for both work and leisure activities, it is not surprising to see ergonomic issues develop.

What is an Industrial Athlete?

Industrial Athlete: by simple wordsmithing, a person who is trained or skilled (in) employment.

Seizing the Healing Benefits of Life After Injury

Injuries disrupt normal life routines. Research demonstrates that time away from regular life activity derails injury recovery. Vicious cycle? Indeed.

Office Ergonomics

Office ergonomics is important in healthcare not only for providers using computers in the hospital or clinic, but also for addressing their patients’ work related injuries.

Is Sitting the New Cancer?

Much has been said and written lately about the dangers of sitting.

Walking Workstations Help Stop Caregiver Stress in its Tracks

Stand up. That’s the first thing you should do if you’re sitting while reading this article. Then, start walking.

Gain Without Pain - Ergonomics in the Medical Workplace

As more doctors retire and physician shortages loom, hospitals are looking for ways to make the job of practicing medicine less physically taxing. Not only do human-centered designs and work practices (think robotic-assisted surgical systems, easier-to-hold tools, and better stools) improve the wellbeing of practicing physicians, but evidence suggests that, by helping them avoid stress or repetitive use injuries, such designs can also lengthen their careers. An ergonomically correct medical work environment can even make it easier to attract and keep new doctors.

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