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SD's First MRI Caring Suite Now Open in the Black Hills

Aug 29, 2017 03:17PM ● By Digital Media Director

Black Hills Imaging Center (BHIC) in Rapid City has upgraded its facility with a new MRI Caring Suite. The Caring Suite is the first in South Dakota and is designed to make the process of getting an MRI more personal and comfortable.

The Caring Suite’s new General Electric MRI scanner features a wider bore opening which provides patients more room during scans and also allows for feet-first entry in the machine. The wider bore is designed to help patients who may be predisposed to feelings of claustrophobia. In addition, the scanner quiet when compared to traditional MRI machines.

Patients also have greater control of their imaging experience using customizable options on Caring Suite’s interactive menu. A 60-inch 4K resolution ceiling display is mounted above the table and scanner for patients’ viewing. Patients can select from more than a dozen 4K HD original videography themes and pair it with their choice of ambient room lighting and music using an interactive touch screen. Patients also have the option to provide their own media.

“We are extremely excited to be the first in South Dakota to provide patients with an unrivaled MRI experience with our new Caring Suite,” said Cindy Hougland, Imaging Manager. “The ability to give patients control and customize their imaging experience to what fits their mood helps ease anxiety and stress, and provides us with exceptional image quality.”